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Media Converter

Managed 1*10/100/1000M TX and 1*1000M FX/SFP (OPT-M2200 series)

The OPT-M2200 Series is designed to make conversion between 1000Base-FX to 10/100/1000Base-TX Gigabit Ethernet. With SNMP agent and web-based management, the network administrator can logon the converter to monitor, configure and control the activity of each port. In addition, the converter implements bandwidth rating management capability via the intelligent software. The overall network management is enhanced, and the network efficiency is also improved to accommodate and deliver high bandwidth applications.
    ●Complies with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE802.3z, IEEE802.3ab, IEEE 802.3x auto-negotiation
    ●Extends distances ranging from 0.5km (multi-mode fiber) to 120km (single mode fiber)
    ●Auto-negotiation of duplex(HDX/FDX) on RJ-45 port
    ●Auto MDI/MDI-X support on RJ-45 port
    ●Rate Limit function, 64Kbps
    ●Supporting Loopback, precisely locating the failure, convenient for link test
    ●Supporting LFP, quickly locates the failure
    ●Supporting remote power off alarming
    ●Economical management function within bandwidth
    ●Supporting Remote management
    ●Easy installation with complete LED indicators for working situation
    ●With powerful network management function, supporting WEB and SNMP
    1 x Ethernet port (RJ45) 10/100/1000Base-Tx
    1 x Optical port (1x9) 1000Base-Fx
    Optical Port
    Available for 1310nm and 1550nm Single mode, and 850nm Multi mode; 
    Transfer Distance: up to 120km;
    Connectors: SC/PC, ST/PC, FC/PC optional
    Fiber core: 8.3um, 8.7um, 9um and10um on single mode fiber, 50, 62.5 and 100um on multi-mode fiber
    Ethernet Port
    Available speed: force 10Mbps, force 100Mbps, force 1000Mbps and auto-detective 10/100/1000Mbps Full-Duplex and Half-Duplex  auto-negotiation
    Connectors: RJ-45 Connector; MDI/MDI-X connection auto-sensing
    IEEE802.3ab (1000Base-T)
    IEEE802.3z (1000Base-SX/LX/CX/T)
    IEEE802.3x(Flow control)
    SNMP v1/v2c(Simple Network Management Protocol)
    LED Indicators Power Status, Speed Status, FX Link/Act, TX Link/Act
    Power Requirement Input: 220V AC Internal Power Adapter
    Physical Characteristics
    Housing: Metal enclosure
    Dimensions: 156 x 128 x 32mm (excluding the connector and power switch)
    Weight: 0.75kg
    Environmental Limits
    Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
    Storage Temperature: -20°C to 70°C
    Operating Humidity: 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
    Storage Humidity: 5% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
    Warranty 3 years 
    Model No. Description
    OPT-M2200 10/100/1000Base-Tx to 1000Base-Fx, Multi mode, 0.5Km, SC/ST/FC, with Managed
    OPT-M2200S20 10/100/1000Base-Tx to 1000Base-Fx, Single mode, 20Km, SC/ST/FC, with Managed
    OPT-M2200S40 10/100/1000Base-Tx to 1000Base-Fx, Single mode, 40Km, SC/ST/FC, with Managed
    OPT-M2200S60 10/100/1000Base-Tx to 1000Base-Fx, Single mode, 60Km, SC, with Managed
    OPT-M2200S80 10/100/1000Base-Tx to 1000Base-Fx, Single mode, 80Km, SC, with Managed
    OPT-M2200S100 10/100/1000Base-Tx to 1000Base-Fx, Single mode, 100Km, SC, with Managed
    OPT-M3200S20 10/100/1000Base-Tx to 1000Base-Fx, Bi-Directional, 20Km, SC/ST/FC, with Managed
    OPT-M3200S40 10/100/1000Base-Tx to 1000Base-Fx, Bi-Directional, 40Km, SC/ST/FC, with Managed
    OPT-M3200S60 10/100/1000Base-Tx to 1000Base-Fx, Bi-Directional, 60Km, SC, with Managed
    OPT-M3200S80 10/100/1000Base-Tx to 1000Base-Fx, Bi-Directional, 80Km, SC, with Managed
    OPT-M2200A 10/100/1000Base-Tx to GE SFP, with Managed
    Optional SFP (OPT-2200A)
    SFP-SX-MM-0205 SFP,1.25G,850nm,0.5km,LC
    SFP-LX-SM-0220 SFP,1.25G,1310nm,20km,LC
    SFP-LX-SM-0240 SFP,1.25G,1310nm,40km,LC
    SFP-ZX-SM-0280 SFP,1.25G,1550nm,80km,LC

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