Talents are the constituent base of anenterprise’s core competitiveness. Therefore, the competition of enterprisesultimately lies in that of talents. Through the introducing, cultivating,developing, promoting and retaining of talents, OPTONE forms its own persistentdeveloping competitive advantages. At the same time, it provides a very goodplatform for each staff to grow, realize and gain their values.
Salaries and Benefits
We obey the local legal regulations on the minimum salarystandard requirement. What’s more, we implement a very competitive salarysystem. According to it, we raise the salary at least 5% to 10% for each staffonce per year and for those with prominent performance, we provide them with aplan of multiplying Annual Bonus.
Training and Learning
We pay much attention to the training of our staffs, andaim to build a learning-type team. We organize different kinds of training suchas corporate culture, rules and regulations, products knowledge, marketingskills, quality standards and so on according to their job positions andproperties to help them adapt to our company culture as soon as possible. Inaddition, we purchase some training courses for administrative staff to helpenhance their professional capabilities and qualifications.
Most of the administrative staffs are promoted frominternal to give them more opportunities of learning and self-discipline. Someof our staffs indeed have realized their value of life and ideal from a commonstaff to an excellent one, and then to a prominent one.
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