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25G SFP28

We have 25G SR,LR SFP28 optical transceiver,with the features of IEEE802.3by, SFF-8472,low consumption and high reliability,suitable for data center,25G Ethernet and fiber channel.
    ●Operating Data Rate Support 24.33Gbps and 25.78Gbps with CDR engaged Mode
    ●Operating Data Rate Support 9.95Gbps and 10.31Gbps with CDR bypassed Mode
    ●Distances up to 10km, 20km, 30km and 40km
    ●Single 3.3V Power Supply
    ●Duplex LC Connector Interface, Hot Pluggable
    ●Compliant with MSA SFP+ Specification SFF-8402
    ●Built-in Dual CDR
    ●Low Power Dissipation
    ●Operating Case Temperature:Operating temperature range: c-temp or i-temp
    ●25.78 Gb/s single lane 100GE SR4
    ●CPRI Option 10
    Model Rate Wavelength Distance Optical power Sensitivity Other
    SFP28-25G-SR 25G 850nm 100m -9.1~2.4dBm <-11dBm 2xLC/MMF
    SFP28-25G-LR 25G 1310nm 10km -5~2dBm <-13.3dBm 2xLC/SMF
    SFP28-25G-ER 25G 1310nm 40km -1.6~6dBm <-19.6dBm 2xLC/SMF
    SFP28-BIDI-xx-10 25G 1270/1330nm 10km -5~2dBm <-13.3dBm 1xLC/SMF
    SFP28-BIDI-xx-30 25G 1270/1330nm 30km 0~5dBm <-18dBm 1xLC/SMF
    SFP28-CWDM-xx-10 25G CWDM 10km -2~2dBm <-11.3dBm 2xLC/SMF
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