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Celebrate Christmas, Welcome New Year

Time:2017-12-26 Views:819
Christmas in 2017 is approaching, the streets have long revealed a thick holiday atmosphere. Optone held a celebration party for welcome Christmas on the afternoon of Dec.22.2017. To celebrate Christmas, all the staff arranged the corridors and offices by Christmas trees, Santa Claus, ribbons and other decorations dress, every corner was full of rich Christmas atmosphere and warm feeling.

All the staffs enjoyed themselves through a variety of games and the company also prepared bonuses and small gifts for the winning team. In the end of the event, the company provided the blessing cake, fruit and refreshments for everyone to convey the blessing of Christmas.With hearty laughter and joyous Christmas carols, everyone enjoyed the party time happily.

The event adds a festive holiday atmosphere to Christmas, further enriching the company‘s corporate culture and enhance the team cohesion.Hereon, Optone wish every family and clients having happiness and healthy in your life.