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Video over Fiber

MINI type fiber video converter

MINItype fiber video optical transceiver adopts the advanced digital video andoptical fiber transmission technology, and implement the real-time transmission& synchronization, no-distortion and high quality 1-channel video signal onthe single fiber. 1-channel video optical transceiver adopts the full digitalvideo non-compression transmission technology and high quality video effect,which can meet the user’s requirements; the play-and-plug design makes theinstallation more convenient and easier, and it is unnecessary to implement thespot adjustment; its optical module and core circuit adopts the importedcomponents that have high stability, and all optical & electricalinterfaces conform to the international standards, which is applied to the differentworking environment. This optical transceiver with video status indication canmonitor the normal operation of system.
    ●8/10-bit digital code and non-compression type videotransmission
    ●Support any high-resolution video signal
    ●5Hz-10MHz video channel
    ●Automatic compatible PAL, NTSC and SECAM video system
    ●With APC circuit, constant input optical power, and largedynamic range
    ●Kilomega optical fiber transmission, large capacity, andeasy to upgrade
    ●Power supply and other parameter state indication, whichcan monitor the operation condition of system
    ●Support no-damage regenerative trunk of video
    ●Advanced self-adapting technology, and it is unnecessary toimplement the adjustment of spot electrics or optics when using
    ●Industry-grade design and modularization design make theequipment reliable and flexible
    Transfer Distance: up to 120km
    Connectors: ST/PC, FC/PC optional
    Wavelength: 1310nm/1550nm
    Video Interface: Standard industrialconnecting terminals
    Video input/output Voltage: 1VP - P (peak value),Max 1.2Vpp
    Video Bandwidth: 10MHz
    Video sampling: 15MHz high speed sampling
    Video digit bit width: 8/10 bit
    Differential gain: ( 10%-90%APL) DG <1%( Typical value)
    Differential phase: ( 10%-90%APL) DP <0.8<>°( Typical value)
    Video SNR: S/N ≥ 70dB (Maximum optical link path loss)
    Interface:Standard industrialconnecting terminals
    Controlling Equipment: PTZ decoder,Keyboard ,data interface of Matrix, High speed dome camera, industrial equipment
    Interface Signals: RS-485(2 lines), RS232, RS422 and so on
    Operating Temperature: -40 ℃~+85 ℃
    Storage Temperature: -45 ℃~+95 ℃
    Relative humidity: 0~95%(Non-condensing)
    Power Voltage: AC85-260v/50Hz
    MTBF:≥105 hours
    Housing: Metal enclosure
    Model No. Description
    OPT-M1V-T/R 1 Channel Video
    OPT-M1V1D-T/R 1 Channel Video + 1 Channel Data

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