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Optical Modules

Multi Rate SFP

155M/622M/1.25G/2.5G/4G SFP include SX LX EX ZX series,complaint with MSA,SFF-8472,with the feature of low power consumption,commerical or industrial operation temperature and high reliability,suitable for DC,Metro and Transmission networks. 
    ●Class 1 laser product EN 60825-1 standards
    ●Operating data rate 155M to 2.5G
    ●Compliant with SFP MSA and SFF-8472
    ●Compliant with SDH/SONET 
    ●Duplex LC connector
    ●Hot pluggable
    ●3.3V Single Power Supply
    ●Gigabit Ethernet
    ●Fiber Channel
    ●Multi Rate Fiber Channel
    ●SONET / SDH Equipment Interconnect
    ●Storage Area Network(SAN)
    ●Other Optical Link
    Model Rate Wavelength Distance Optical power Sensitivity Other
    ESFP-SX-MM-0303 155M~2.5G 850nm 300m -9~-3dbm <-18dbm 2xLC/MMF
    ESFP-LX-SM-0302 155M~2.5G 1310nm 2km -9~-3dbm <-18dbm 2xLC/SMF
    ESFP-LX-SM-0315 155M~2.5G 1310nm 15km -5~0dBm <-18dbm 2xLC/SMF
    ESFP-LX-SM-0340 155M~2.5G 1310nm 40km -3~2dBm <-18dbm 2xLC/SMF
    ESFP-ZX-SM-0380 155M~2.5G 1550nm 80km 0~5dBm <-28dBm 2xLC/SMF
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